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Real Estate Agency

Residential property sales transaction: Commercial property sales transaction; Business sales transaction; Property management service (residential & commercial).


Residential construction (new home, renovation, extension, additions, demolition and others); Commercial construction: hotel and leisure; warehouse; office; childcare & aged care centre; shop fitting.

Real Estate Agency


(1) Sales Service

(2) Leasing Service


(1) Commercial Property Sales

(2) Commercial Property Management

Business Sales


Residential Construction

(1) New Homes

(2) Renovation

(3) Addition

(4) Extension

(5) Demolition

(6) Decking and other building jobs

Commercial Construction

(1) Hotel

(2) Leisure

(3) Warehouse

(4) Office

(5) Childcare

(6) Aged Care Centre

(7) Shop Fitting

(8) Others

Management Services

(1) Construction management

(2) Development project Management

(3) Costing control & Estimation

Available Architect Design :

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